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Welcome to Curious-Droid.com

This is the companion website to the Curious Droid Youtube channel presented by me, Paul Shillito.

The Curious Droid Youtube channel has been active since 2016 and covers subjects like space exploration, technological history, aerospace to name a few and whilst it has done well I have decided to expand what the website covers to add an alternate dimension.

To this end, I have opened up the blog side to guest bloggers as I can not fill it with enough content on my own, that also allows us to cover things that we couldn’t on the Youtube channel. If you are interested in writing guest posts then check out the page dedicated to that here  http://curious-droid.com/guest-posting/

Who is Curious Droid?

The Youtube channel was started by me Paul Shillito in February 2016. My background is in electronics, computing, video and business. For many years I ran computer businesses, starting out by repairing the first generation home computers, the Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga etc back in the mid 1980’s.

Paul Shillito

Paul Shillito

That lead to repairing & selling PC’s by 1990 and online sales of laptops in the mid 90’s. By 2005 as an attempt to increase the sales of laptop bags and carry cases on our website, I started making short videos showing their features.

This became more and more successful and in 2006 was spun off into a separate business called iSiteTV Ltd with my business partner at the time. That went on to become one of the biggest producers of online product videos in the UK (and still is) working with most of the big-name consumer electronics brands and the biggest retailers.

In 2011, I sold my half of the video business and went looking for new opportunities. After few years of trial and error, I went back to making videos but this time on Youtube. Firstly making tutorials but then more in the form of storytelling.

The Youtube Channel.

Originally it started as a list channel and you can find those original videos still there. In fact the second ever video I made, 5-tragic-deaths-caught-live-on-camera did very well and at the time of writing this, is the most watched video on the channel by a long way with over 17.7 million views.

However, as time went by it became clear to me that the list format style of video was becoming a rather crowded place and the subject matter was becoming under increasing pressure from implied censorship in the way of demonetization from Youtube, namely not suitable for advertisers.

So after a few months I turned to single subject articles the first one being The-forgotten-american-concordes . Again, this started to perform well and this convinced me that this was the way to go and soon all the new videos were single subject ones.

Why did I start making videos about space and aviation?. Well these are subjects that I find interesting and there are a lot of stories that are either only partially known or that were big news in the day but 30 to 50+ years later have been forgotten about by many. There is also a generation people born after the space race and the cold war that have never heard about some of the most interesting periods of our recent history.

This is why many of my videos are as much about history as they are the technology, which at the time was cutting edge and in many cases more revolutionary than we see today.

I will continue to make video’s and look at expanding the number that are produced and keeping up thier quality.


This pretty much brings us up to date. This website was created at the same time as the Youtube channel but I didn’t really do much with it other than use it to put the videos along with the scripts.

However, I have now decided that this can become an alternative ‘channel’ by opening it up to Guest Bloggers, not only to provide the content but also to share other peoples a passion for telling their stories about similar subjects.

Using the leverage that the Youtube channel now has, I’m hoping to create a hub of content provided for by keen amateurs and professionals alike to continue to inform those who have a curious mind about our technological world and its history.

I hope that if you have made it this far reading this then you will join us along the way either as a contributor or consumer of the content produced either way, it’s going to be an interesting and exciting journey.

Paul Shillito
Founder of Curious Droid.