5 Amazing Human Survival Stories

5 Amazing Human Survival Stories

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Shot by Firing Squad Wenseslao Moguel was a Mexican who was captured on the 18th March 1915 after being suspected of taking part in the Mexican revolution. He was summarily sentenced to death by firing squad without trial. He was shot by 8 times in the body, then once shot in the head at point blank range by the commanding officer to guarantee his death, or so it seemed. There are differing stories as to how he survived. Some say he was found alive but unconscious amongst the bodies of the others that had been executed and given medical attention …

Ron Hunt Xray drill through head

7 Fatal Injuries That People Survived

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7. Truman Duncan cut in half by train In June 2006 38 year Truman Duncan from Cleburne, Texas was working at his job on the railway. He was in the process of connecting two rail cars when he slipped and ended up falling under the wheels of the moving railcar which effectively cut him in half. He lost part of his pelvis, his left leg, kidney and his right leg from below the thigh. When most people would have just passed out during this horrific accident he managed to hang the train until it came to a stop and then …