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How China is taking on the world in space

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This chart shows a recent survey of satellites and space junk in Low Earth Orbit, listed by the country responsible for creating it. The third country might surprise you: China has left almost as much debris as America or Russia, despite having a much shorter history in space. In fact, most of this was from just one missile test in 2007, when China fired a ‘Kinetic Kill Vehicle’ at one of its retired weather satellites. The missile hit at a relative speed of 8 kilometres per second (or 17,900 miles per hour), shattering the satellite into more than 900 large …

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What Happened on the Moon Before Apollo ?

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The Apollo landings from 1969 to 1972 marked a high point in lunar exploration but Apollo didn’t just rock up on to the moon out of the blue, it took many, many missions by probes and landers over the preceding years to establish if we could send men to the moon and get them back. It’s quite strange to think that even by the late 1950’s, just over 10 years before Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface we knew surprisingly little about the moon other than what we could observe from the earth and the hypotheses we drew from …