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How Australia Helped Save Apollo 13

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When you mention the words “Apollo” and “NASA” most people will immediately think of America, that big U.. S.. A.. on the side of the Saturn V rockets at take off is an awe inspiring sight and a great piece of national branding but success in Space requires a global effort: the International Space Station is only the latest example of the coordinated ingenuity of nations working together to get things done off the planet. The problem with space craft is that they don’t stay above the launch area, they orbit the earth about 16 times a day and the …

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Asteroid Impact – Could we save the Earth in time ?

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On average the earth is hit once every two weeks by an asteroid measuring a couple meters or so across, in fact the earth is being hit all the time by small meteorites, luckily most of these small objects burn up in the earth’s atmosphere appearing to us as shooting stars. However, as it was shown by the Chelyabinsk asteroid in 2013, there are larger objects out there that are big enough to pose a serious threat to those in the vicinity of an impact but small enough to go unnoticed until they actually hit the earth. Then there are …