A Brief History of Moon Hoaxes - Why do people still believe in them?

A Brief History of Moon Hoaxes – Why do people still believe in them?

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How did we get from one of the greatest technological achievements of the 20th century to believing that it was a massive cover up by NASA, the CIA, the government or a combination of all three?,  and why almost 50 years after the first Apollo missions, with all the scientific proof available, do an increasing number of people believe in an a radically different version of reality?. Conspiracy theories about the Apollo missions have been circulating since before the moon landings. One of the first reported instances of people not believing that the moon landings were true came on  December …

Was the Space Shuttle Doomed From the Beginning

Was the space shuttle program doomed from the beginning ?

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When the space shuttle was announced in 1972 it was seen as the space vehicle to make low earth orbit space travel and living in space an everyday reality. But in hindsight many now believe that it was a failed project that was hamstrung by lack of funding and interest by government and sky high expectations from NASA that led them to sideline safety to ensure scheduled launches continued on time in order to secure future funding. Instead of expanding man’s horizons, it in fact limited them and stopped the development more effective, safer forms of both manned and unmanned …