Nuclear Rockets for Mars and Beyond

Nuclear Rockets for Mars and Beyond

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On the 6th Feb 2018 SpaceX’s first test launch of the Falcon 9 heavy, the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V, successfully launched the payload of Elon Musks own Cherry Red Telsa roadster, complete with the Starman mannequin, first into orbit and then on to what was meant to be Mars but now looks to be on  an elliptical orbit extending out to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Whilst the Falcon 9 heavy proved that it could launch a payload in to deep space, Starman and the roadsters journey itself is going to be a pretty leisurely …

To Mars by 1982 - A Manned Mission Too Far, Too Soon ?

To Mars by 1982 – A Manned Mission Too Far, Too Soon ?

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With all the talk of manned Mars missions by Elon Musk and SpaceX and more recently NASA, it’s easy to forget that Mars isn’t a recent obsession. Now before we get into the details, this video is little different, this is my first collaboration and part two of this series will done by Isaac Arthur, who will be looking at the Mars missions from the roots of sci-fi in the 1990’s to those that are proposed for the coming decades, there’s a link in the description that will take you there and if you have come over from Isaacs channel, …