LIVE – USO’s Unidentified Submerged Objects with Marc D’Antonio – Replay

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In this live stream, we will be looking at USO’s or Unidentified Submerged Objects and what scientific explanations could be behind them. These could also be known as but technically incorrectly underwater UFO’s.

These USO’s are objects which have been tracked by the world’s navies since the advent of modern sonar around the beginning of the cold war period. Although there are sightings which go back much earlier they cant be electronically verified.

Main topic starts – 1:49
Q&A start – 37:44
Marc’s Closing statement – 52:12

There is a difference in the volume levels between myself and Marc, I’ve now fixed that with different mic placement.

Our guest speaker is Marc D’Antonio
SkyTour LiveStream with Marc D’Antonio on YouTube link:

Our Moderators today were :
Rebecca Kelly,

Intro music by Mike G Mullen, BMI –

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