Like most things in life running a Youtube channel and website don’t come for free. Professional help, writers, editors, equipment, editing software, hosting fees, even the domain names, it all costs money… not to mention that we have families to look after and feed too.

Although most full-time creators, including me, dont like talking about fundraising as it seems like begging, in the modern world it is fast becoming the way most of us help support our channels.

The internet and a worldwide audience have sort of brought things full circle from a few hundred years ago when artists and creative types had the support of a rich patron but that then fell out of favour. Today the modern day equivalent is crowdfunding either as a small ongoing monthly payment from many small patrons or one-off tips.

I, like many others, use this self-same method to help me keep the wheels turning. Yes I get ad money from Youtube and the occasional sponsorship nothing is certain even from month to month.

If you would like to support Curious Droid and the development of things like this website & new videos etc there are a couple of ways to donate.

The first is through Patreon

Become a Patron!

With Patreon you pledge a monthly amount which can be anything from $1 upwards and you get rewards depending on the amount. To find out more click on the “Become a Patreon” link above.

Maybe you want to support us but you don’t want it to be on an ongoing basis. In that case, you can just send a one-off “thank you” payment via Paypal using the Paypal.me service. In just a couple of clicks, you can send anything from $1 upwards directly to us.

When you click on the Paypal logo below, it will take you to our Paypal.me page and in case you may be wondering who Clerestory Ltd is, it’s the company I use for my business affairs, the total number of employee’s – 1, yep me 🙂

Whichever way you choose to support us we are very grateful for your contributions and you can be assured that it does make a difference no matter how small.

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