The following are videos which appear on the Curious Droid Youtube channel along the original script which may well vary from that in the video as parts are sometimes edited out due the creation of the video.

NASA’s Billion Dollar Spacesuit Problems

How NASA’s New Spacesuit Could Stall the 2024 Artemis Moon Landings.

How Did Apollo Avoid a Radiation Disaster?

How Did Apollo Avoid a Radiation Disaster?

Rolls Royce RB211

RB.211- The Engine That Sank and Then Saved Rolls Royce

Napier Deltic

The Legendary Napier Deltic – Super Diesel Triangle Engine

Wild Weasels

The Wild Weasels – When Electronic Warfare Became Real

Why travel to Mars?: A look into the challenges

I Want My Future Back

How does gas giant Jupiter have a metallic core?

The History of Soviet ‘Aircraft Carriers’

Can Magnetic Tech Make Spaceflight Cheaper?