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What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?

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Reading Time: 10 minutesSince the formation of the united states, its mainland has never been invaded or had any major attack, by that I mean no major mechanised attack like that which happened in Europe but there are places there which have had more nuclear explosions than anywhere else on earth. Of the …

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Electromagnetic Railguns – The U.S Military’s future Superguns – 200 mile range Mach 7 projectiles

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Reading Time: 5 minutes‘Velocitas Eradico’– sounds like the sort of thing Harry Potter would say when fighting Voldemort, which would be quite apt as the translation of ‘Velocitas Eradico’ is “quickly get rid” or in the vernacular ‘Speed Kills’ and is the motto for the no less futuristic US Navy Electromagnetic Railgun project. …