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I Want My Future Back

In Futurism, Posts by David Bone2 Comments


Believe it or not, we are currently living in the 21st Century. Yep, Space age 2018. I’m sure we’re now on a very advanced stardate, say 344566 or 445444. Welcome to the age of supersonic travel, MagLev railways, space hotels, gene splicing, VR, and regenerative surgery. Except we’re not are …

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The History of Soviet ‘Aircraft Carriers’

In Navel, Posts by Jordan Gould3 Comments


Despite exploring the concept of aircraft carriers and closely scrutinising the captured ‘Graf Zeppelin’ Germany carrier, military doctrine past the Iron Curtain never shared the same fascination with the large and iconic carrier battlegroups as the West. Whilst the United States had established itself as the leading power of carrier …

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C-Type Caverns: Space Mining for the 21st Century

In Posts, Space by Joshua Miller2 Comments


Earth is making quick use of its most sought-after elements.  Elements like phosphorus, indium, gold, and platinum form the mainstay of the modern age, from pollution regulating catalytic converters to the flashy iPhone in your pocket.  With the ever-expanding use of electrical devices, some sources estimate a 50 – 60 …