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LIVE – Why cant we see the Apollo sites from Earth with Marc D’Antonio – replay

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Our 1st live steam where looked at a subject I have covered before of Why can’t we see the Apollo sites from Earth but this time with the help of astronomer Marc D’Antonio in more detail with viewer questions.

Timestamped Sections

Marc D’Antonio 0:34
Main topic start 2:15
Q&A start 28:04
Marc’s Battleship Office 1:22:59
Marc’s 3D printed Crators 1:27:00
Mutual UFO network 1:30:35

Our guest speaker is Marc Dantonio
SkyTour LiveStream with Marc Dantonio on YouTube link:
SkyTour Radio on KGRA with Marc Dantonio

Thanks to our chat moderators
Andy Munzer
Rebecca Kelly

Intro music by Mike G Mullen, BMI,
Images : LROC, NASA

Some links to items in the show

A working out of the maths to resolve an image the size of the LM from Hubble and Earth

Hubble Shots of the Moon

Apollo 11 as seen from the LRO

LRO Quick Map

Another good reference why we cant see the apollo sites

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