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5 Cases of Human Soul Transfers after Organ Transplants

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Where does the human soul or consciousness lay, many believe that’s it’s the brain but in recent years there has been a growing belief that there exists a cellular memory and it could be that our soul exists in every single cell of our bodies.
Over the past 30 years or so of organ transplants, some strange side effects have been recorded by a number both the recipients and close relatives of the donors which call in to question the possible location of the soul and its continuation after death.
In these cases, it seems as if not only had the physical organ of the donor had been transplanted but also memories or the soul of the donor too with the recipients taking some of the personal traits of the donors themselves.

Case 1

The donor was a 17-year-old black male student who was a victim of a drive-by shooting. The recipient was a 47-year-old white male foundry worker diagnosed with narrowing of the heart valves.

The Donor was walking to his violin class when he was hit. Nobody knows where the bullet came from but He died almost instantly on the street, hugging his violin case.
He loved playing classical music and his teachers said he was a natural talent with the violin, even if other kids always made fun of the
music he liked, he wasn’t the typical black kid into rap and hip-hop.

The recipient said that whilst he was sad that someone had died to give him a new heart, he had a trouble with the fact that the donor was black. He said he wasn’t a racist and that most of his work friend were black but it didn’t feel right that a white man had a black man’s heart in his chest.

Before the operation he said he hated classical music but since the transplant he now loves and it made him feel calm but said that it couldn’t be anything to do with the heart because a black guy from the hood wouldn’t be in to that sort of music.

His wife also said that after the transplant he invited his black co-workers over to his house for the first time and now doesn’t see their colour any more, even though he still talks about it sometimes

She also said one more thing, “He’s driving me nuts with the classical music. He doesn’t know
the names of any of the pieces and never, ever listened to it before. But now, he sits and listens to it for hours. He even whistles classical music pieces that he could never know. How does he know them? You’d think he’d like rap music or something because of his black guys heart.”

Case 2

The donor was an 18-year-old boy killed in a car accident. The recipient was an 18-year old
girl diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal type of heart infection which was believed to have been contracted after a dentist visit.

The donor loved to write poetry and music, after he died his parents waited over a year before cleaning out his room.

It was then they found a book of poems he had never shown them. In one of the poems he spoke of seeing his own death and he also wrote a song titled “Danny, My Heart Is Yours” in which he felt that he was going to die and leave his heart to someone.

Being strong willed he had decided to donate his organs when he was 12 years old. His parents thought they were talking about it in school, so were not too alarmed at the time.

When donor’s parents met the recipient, they showed her pictures of their son, the girl said she knew him directly, she could pick him out anywhere.

She could also finish the phrases of the songs he wrote and her name was also Danny, the same as in the title of the song.

Before she was ill she could not play a musical instrument and had no interest in music, she was also a wild child and bit of a hell raiser according to her mother.

After the transplant she became much calmer even though she said she felt she had more energy than before, she began to love music and took up the guitar and singing just like the donor of her new heart.

Case 3

The donor was a 14-year-old girl who died in a gymnastics accident. The recipient was a 47-year-old
man diagnosed with a benign heart tumor and chronic heart disease.

The donor’s mother said Her daughter was the picture of health. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. She was so excited about life that she would just hop and jump all the time like a kitten. She had some trouble with food, though. She would skip meals, and for a while she was eating then throwing it up so she could be called almost anorexic.

Her mother said she had this silly little giggle when she got embarrassed. It sounded like a little bird.

The recipient of the new heart said that he felt new again, he felt like a teenager. He felt giddy with the energy of the new heart, not only physically also mentally, he just felt really young at heart.

He said that he had developed an annoying tendency to giggle a lot which drove his wife mad. There’s something about food. He didn’t know why but he said when he got hungry he would then eat but then often feel nauseated and felt like he wanted to throw up, something Which he had never wanted to do before.

The recipient’s brother said he’s like a teenager, he acts like a kid, even when we’re bowling, he yells and jumps around like a fool. He’s got this weird laugh now. It’s a girl’s laugh and
when we tell him that. He doesn’t care.

His appetite hasn’t returned to what it was before the surgery. He’s nauseated almost all the time. After a Thanks giving dinner which he loved he went upstairs and vomited.

He went to the hospital but they say it wasn’t anything to do with his new heart, or was it ?.

Case 4

The donor was a 34-year-old police officer shot attempting to arrest a drug dealer. The recipient was
a 56-year-old college professor diagnosed with heart disease.

After the transplant the wife of the donor met the recipient and whilst they discussed how he was recovering he offhandedly that the only real side-effect of the surgery was flashes of light in his face.

This was something that got her attention because her husband was shot in the face at close range. The last thing that he would have seen is the flash of the gun fire.

They never caught the shooter but they did have an idea of who he was and she had seen an artist’s impression of him. The suspect had long hair, deep eyes, a beard, and this really calm look, sort of like some of the pictures of Jesus you see.

The recipient then said that only thing he knew about the donor was that he a very healthy 34 year old but then he said , There is something else I haven’t any of my doctors, I’ve only told my wife.

A few weeks after he got his heart, he began to have dreams. he would see a flash of light right in his face and then his face would get face gets really, really hot, it felt like it was burning.
Just before that time, he would get a glimpse of Jesus.

He said that he continued to have these dreams and now daydreams as well the same thing over and over again: Jesus and then a flash of light.

Case 5

The donor was a 19-year-old woman killed in an automobile accident. The recipient was a 29-year old
Lesbian woman diagnosed with chronic heart disease.

The donor’s mother said her daughter was the most loving girl. She owned and operated her own health food restaurant and always got on to her about not being a vegetarian.

She was a great kid. Wild, but great. She was into the free-love thing and had a different man in her life every few months.

She was able to write some notes to me when she was dying. She was so out of it, but she kept saying how she could feel the impact of the car hitting them. She said she could feel it going through her body.

The recipient said that since the transplant a couple of things happened to her, almost every night she said she felt the impact of the accident the donor, hitting her chest, even though the doctors could find nothing wrong. Secondly, she hates meat, she said that she was McDonald’s biggest moneymaker, now it makes her want to throw up.

Something more is that she is now engaged to be married even though she was gay before she now is not attracted to women anymore and added, I have absolutely no desire to be with a woman now. I think I got a gender transplant as well as a heart.

The 5 heart transplant cases reported here come from a total sample of 74 transplant recipients (23 were heart transplants), all of whom showed various degrees of changes that paralleled the
personalities of their donors.

Paul Shillito
Creator and presenter of Curious Droid Youtube channel and website


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    I am a Muslim. Every time I read Quran especially verses referencing memory and soul in the heart NOT brain, I get really confused. To me the brain does all that work; and that the heart’s primary function was just pumping blood and circling oxygen, although I knew part of functions of stomach is also stimulating emotion, which physically should have nothing to do with it. Somehow I knew something would provide better explanation. This research has indeed cleared air for me. Thanks 🙂

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    The information that you uncovered is very interesting to me, have you found any similar side effects with other organ transplants such as the lungs?

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    What are the original sources of these claims coming from? I need this answer.
    But because these are interesting but not enough proof. Just empty claims.

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    This article raises the possibility of soul attachment. After people pass, their soul may become attached to another living person. I am a Christian, and I have assisted souls attached to an individual detach and move on. Individuals with an attached soul may take on aspects of that deceased person’s personality, both good and bad.

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