From Rocky to Reliable: The Beginning of the Soyuz

From Rocky to Reliable: The Beginning of the Soyuz

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  By Rebecca Kelly On April 23, 1967, the Soviet space program launched the first manned mission of what would turn out to be the most reliable vehicle to deliver humans to and from low Earth orbit. This vehicle would prove so reliable, in fact, that it is still used today and is currently the only means to ferry people to and from the International Space Station. Yes, you read that correctly, the most reliable spacecraft in manned spaceflight history was born out of Cold War era, Soviet technology. But this pinnacle of reliability had a rocky start, rife with political …

What happened to the Ekranoplan

What happened to the Ekranoplan? – The Caspian Sea Monster

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In 1967, whilst the U.S’s first spy satellite ‘Corona’ was busy photographing the Soviet Union, something unusual was spotted. It looked like a massive plane, but its wings were too short, it also sported the Soviet Navy Flag on it fuselage, so what was it? Maybe an unfinished aircraft or some new design of amphibious vehicle. This leviathan was, in fact, the ‘Ekranoplan’, a new class of what is now known as a ‘ground-effect’ vehicles that made use a phenomenon that occurs when a wing is travelling close to the ground. The ‘Ekranoplan’ was the brainchild of Rostislav Alexeyev, a …

NASA's Next Space Station LOP-G

NASA’s Next Space Station LOP-G – was the Deep Space Gateway

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Goodbye Deep space gateway, hello “LOP-G”, just in case you wondering what heck I’m going on about. This is the news that the next space station, the one to replace the ISS has had a bit of a Trumpian makeover and will now be called the “Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway”, instead of the Deepspace Gateway but we’ll come back to that a bit later The most expensive object ever built is the International Space Station, which – combining launch, assembly, maintenance and contributions from Russia, Europe, Japan and Canada – has so far cost more than $150 billion US …

What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?

What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?

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Since the formation of the united states, its mainland has never been invaded or had any major attack but there are places there which have had more nuclear explosions than anywhere else on earth. Of the 1054 US nuclear tests, 928 were carried out on the US mainland mostly at the Nevada test site but it wasn’t just the US testing nukes, the Soviets, British, French, Chinese, Indian, Pakistanis and recently the North Koreans have all tested nuclear weapons, some on their own territory and some in remote locations around the world in the air, on land, under water and …

What's Wrong with Earth's Magnetic Field

What’s Wrong with Earth’s Magnetic Field? – The South Atlantic Anomaly

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  Strange things are happening in space but the cause is right below our feet. The earth’s core is changing and the magnetic poles could possibly flip in the not too distant future. We are just discovering a whole new hidden weather system in the earth molten core that has direct effects on the magnetic field which in turn will have a major effect on our future technological development. But all is not lost, we can work our way out of this but time is of the essence because we don’t know just when things are going to get tricky.